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When Mary Elizabeth Quigley first met Damien Wood, he was going to change the world. And watching him on his rampant soap box speeches, Mary Elizabeth fell instantly in love. Of course, the moment Damien laid eyes on Mary Elizabeth — looking like his dream girl, dressed in a bikini and mud — he was instantly in love as well. The pair became two of many who were going to rebuild America during The Summer of Love. They weren’t going to be like their parents. They were going to be better than. They were going to raise their future children in a truly free world. Their days were spent at protests and their nights, awake making tantric love. In this way, their future children became their present child. A boy, named Jasper.

As decades passed and the Woods grew up though, they began to realize that their pipe dreams of change were not so easily attainable as it seemed back when responsibilities did not exist. They fought much more often and had stopped making love. Slowly, they traded in their morals for better jobs. Their definitions of deeper joy for superficial happiness. Both became what they fought so desperately against: him, a political suit and her, a perfect housewife. Eventually, they were able to move out of the small studio apartment and into a small house in Princeton, New Jersey. Soon, the pair had their second child: another boy, this one named Travis. By this time, they were the perfect American family.

Travis Edward was always a happy child. From the moment, he was born, cooing rather than crying, to every scrape or injury barely bothering him. He was a good child. Giving apples to favorite teachers, despite being an average student. Giving flowers to pretty girls, despite being average-looking himself. However, maybe because he was such a good kid, maybe because his parents were too caught up in their own lives, but his parents never seemed to care.

He never seemed to let this get him down though. And as he grew, he might have seemed too optimistic for the world. Even when he got fired from various jobs for various reasons, he always went out with a smile on his face. "I'll find another one. Plenty of fish in the sea, right?" When he got withering stares from his parents and even his older brother, he smiled them off. When his little sister hit rock bottom for the first time, he always had a kind word for her when he went to visit. Girls came and went out of his life because they were never exactly looking for the 'good and goofy guy,' but he constantly found the bright side. Constantly.

Even years later, when he was living in a trailer Upstate and received a phone call from a hospital in Manhattan, he remained generally optimistic. He left his trailer and took his truck. Worried but remaining calm. He burst into the hospital in ray of odd sunshine by comparison to the moment and took his broken little sister into his arms. He did not know what happened, but he also didn't need to know.

A few months passed and in late December, he received another phone call. This one, from his sister directly. "I need you to move here." A moment's hesitation as he looked around the trailer at the life he had created there. "Anything for you, Jackie."

By the new year, he was moved into the small apartment, using what might as well have been a closet for as a room. Now, as he helps his sister through her recovery process, he is also attempting to acclimate to this new life. A bit of bumbling here and there, but he's still managing to remain his optimistic self. As always.
 name: Travis Edward Wood
 birth date & age: August 7th, 1985, 29
 hometown: Princeton, New Jersey
 residence: Chelsea, Manhattan, New York
 work: bookseller @ The Wild Detectives
 relationship status: single as fuck
 facts - smokes pot regularly and constantly tries to get his sister to smoke too
 extras TBD